Monday, January 27, 2014

VALENTINES DAY balls, come and get em!

So in all our years as ballers, it has been our experience that lovers, while given cake baller cake balls for Valentines Day are more prone to swoon, cuddle and gush about how rad you are.......Does this sound like something you'd be into? If the answer is yes, then do we have the goods for you!

Ballers are here to take care of you. 2014 Valentines Day balls in all sorts of arrangements! Check it.
*Disclaimer: One need not have a lover to pre-order such goods, in case that went through your  mind. We want anyone to feel the love with our balls, of cake, this Valentines Day! Get some, you know you want to.......Don't you? 

The ball-er LOVE-line-up:

Traditional 4 Ball Sampler~ $6

Limited Addition Heart Tin Sampler~ $10

Sweethearts Mixed Dozen~ $20

 Baller Bucket-O-8-Balls~ $15

The goods. The balls. The treats. The RAD.

 To pre-order any of the above treats for Valentines Day, please holler at a baller at and we will get you all the details on pickup and delivery options....YES, that's right, we said DELIVERY options! OH SNAP! We really ARE taking care of you this year! HOLLER! Baller out.

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