Monday, June 9, 2014

Beer cake balls? Psssst, fathers day is right around the corner....just saying

Calling all folks who love craft beer and cake balls! 

We have put the two together in the oven and BAM, we present to you the assorted Fathers Day Beer balls. Made with our local homies over at Crooked Fence Breweries craft brews. 

It just seems fitting that we make the manly balls in time for Fathers Day. With flavors like 

Potato Chip 

made with Pedal Powered Ale


made with Exiled Rye Stout

Salted Pretzel 

made with Rusty Nail Pale Ale

Candy bar

made with Sins of Our Father Imperial Stout

How could you get any manlier? Plus add the element of beer infusion, whoa. It is like Christmas in June. Yes please! You can pre-order your dozens now! Pickup is on:

Friday June 13th between 11-1pm at Baller headquarters located 720 W Idaho St, Set 40, Boise, ID 83702.

Please send your pre-orders to 
Limited to supplies on hand so get in now before 
they are all gone!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter collaborations!


Easter is less than one week away and thank good Friday, we have the 
answers to all your Easter basket filling questions. 
TGIF people, you ARE welcome.

Get your fill-a-basket on this Friday April 18th and select from an 
assortment of gourmet treats: cake balls, french macarons,
 chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered pretzels and more. 

Who WOULDN'T be hopping for joy when they got to open up a basket filled with these sorts of goodies? Uh, we don't know if such a person exists. 
So what we are saying is that this is a MUST attend 
for this seasons treat giving weekend. 

Come see us at:

2500 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83705 

Friday April 18th from 4-6pm. 

There will be beautiful and unique floral arrangements created by 
the talented Will of FlowersAtWill to top it all off! 
We heart our city of trees and wanted to provide our followers 
and friends with the best. Can't wait to see you there! 

Need us to put your name on something specific 
so we don't sell out before you get there? Please email us at 

and we will take care of you.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Calling all artists, designers and creators!

Exciting times are at hand with the cake ballers. We are looking for art. 
Thats right, art. Let us be more specific, shall we, ....shallen't we? Ok, yes, we will.

We are having one of our famous baller contests. oooohhhh! Gasp! Yep. Its true. What for you say? WE WANT YOU!!

To find the COOL-est, the RAD-est, the BAD-est and most certainly thee most BALLER design to be debuted on a line of baller swag. Thats right, we want YOU to help us out. Think you've got a little baller in ya? Think you you can channel that into a fantastic representation of the cake ballers? Ok, well get to that drawing board then. We will be taking submissions now through April 30st, 2014. 

We have a couple of of baller-quirements, because of course we need to uphold a certain style on the street. They are as follows and art must include:

Our name: the cake ballers
Our favorite accessory: Brass Knuckles

And a little added bonus for you, but no a required element to the contest....
We have also been know to say things like:
We ball cake.
Ball so hard.
Balls to the people.
Ball this.
Lets do a baller deal.

Of course with such a request for such a fine piece, we are willing to compensate you for your amazing artistic abilities with none other than, wait for it, our balls. Our balls of cake. You know them and love them as the cake baller cake balls. You love them because they are just the right amount of sweet, and oh so delicious bite of goodness. We are granting you with balls for a YEAR! Thats right. A years worth of cake baller cake balls. Holy mother of cake ball gods, this is exciting! Free balls. Everyone wants free balls!

So, tell your friends, your mammy, your pappy, your uncle and even your 2nd cousin twice removed in the great wilds of the Mississippi back woods. Artists are out there people, waiting, ready to create some art...and get their hands on free cake baller cake balls. Oh this is good. Real good.

Send your high resolution PDF file to,
 in the subject line. You will be notified if we select your submission.
Thank you and may the force of the baller be with you.

Please subscribe to our blog, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest @thecakeballers. Thank you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

VALENTINES DAY balls, come and get em!

So in all our years as ballers, it has been our experience that lovers, while given cake baller cake balls for Valentines Day are more prone to swoon, cuddle and gush about how rad you are.......Does this sound like something you'd be into? If the answer is yes, then do we have the goods for you!

Ballers are here to take care of you. 2014 Valentines Day balls in all sorts of arrangements! Check it.
*Disclaimer: One need not have a lover to pre-order such goods, in case that went through your  mind. We want anyone to feel the love with our balls, of cake, this Valentines Day! Get some, you know you want to.......Don't you? 

The ball-er LOVE-line-up:

Traditional 4 Ball Sampler~ $6

Limited Addition Heart Tin Sampler~ $10

Sweethearts Mixed Dozen~ $20

 Baller Bucket-O-8-Balls~ $15

The goods. The balls. The treats. The RAD.

 To pre-order any of the above treats for Valentines Day, please holler at a baller at and we will get you all the details on pickup and delivery options....YES, that's right, we said DELIVERY options! OH SNAP! We really ARE taking care of you this year! HOLLER! Baller out.

Monday, January 20, 2014

ballers dig weddings with balls...or cake ball cakes, whatever!

It is no secret that the cake ballers LOVE
 to play around with their balls of cake in many ways, from simple cake balls to cake pops to cake ball cakes.  It is a world full of balls for these ballers. We wouldn't have it any other way because if we did, life wouldn't be very baller. We have had the pleasure to work with some pretty rad brides to create a treat worthy of their special day. Holler at a few of these cake ball cakes from our past clients:

Pink, black and white cake ball cake topped with real roses and a cutting cake for a traditional feel.

We get to create with rad local professionals as well in the cake, floral, food, photography and wedding planning industries. 
This makes for one badass finished product all around. 
We are lucky ballers and are quite grateful!

Purple to cream ombre cake with a beautiful custom real floral arrangement topper from Flowers At Will in Boise.

 We get to collaborate with friends and family members of the bride and groom as well and it makes the cake ball cake even more special for them as it becomes a labor of love.

Cake ball cake in black, hot pink and white with two tiered topper cake made by grooms mom as a special gift to the lovely Mason couple.

Yellow, black and white cake ball cake with edible floral accents for a fun dessert only wedding reception.

If it is a piece of edible art you want, it will be a custom piece indeed. We take pride in our work from the first consult to last cake ball left on the table. We make it our business to listen to what makes your day special, what you picture, what you want the feel to be, how the cake ball flavors have a part in the day and why you want cake balls. It is a fun-and-unique-to-each-piece kind of sitch.

Grey and White with accents of Tiffany blue blinged out cake, top cutting cake for the traditional picture moment. Edible flowers and silver candies cascaded down the cake for a fancy fun style.

 Why cake ball cakes? Why not just have a regular cake like everyone else?....wait, did you just say "like everyone else?" Uh, no. the cake ballers are certainly not ones who go with the grain just like everyone else. Why? Because sometimes you just need to feel no limitations and roll with it, that's why! So, get a cake ball cake built to your liking and dare we say, 
have some balls. Bam.

Purple, black and white set of 3 cake ball cakes, 2 inverted for a little extra flare and fun.

Black and white. Simple. Cut that top and get to lovin it!

White, black and golden yellow, edible dried pineapple flowers for a cascade of flare, topped with a fondant covered rice crispy treat top for the bride and groom later, and instead of the typical "cutting the of the cake", this couple opted for a cocktail toast with the drink toppers.

 The question is: Do we have fun doing what we do? 
The answer would be YES. Yes we do. Ballers don't front the fun, we live the fun. Holler.

Golden balls. Sparkly balls. Get your fancy cake ball cake on.

White, soft pink, maroon and silver cake ball cake accented with paper flowers for a whimsical feel.

White and orange, swirl and soft, bride and groom atop to celebrate with the lovely sweet treats in this fun cake ball cake.

 Flavors, flavors, flavors. We customize those too.
 Man, talk about a dream come true! 
What is there that these ballers cannot do?

Yellow and black cake ball cake topped with cutting cake and decorated with flowers.
 So whatever the reason cake ball cakes seem like the rad for you and your special day, give us a holler and entrust the ballers to bring the noise and the sweet balls of cake to you. We are currently booking consults for the 2014 wedding season. Talk soon. Baller out.

We pay respects to our homies:

Flowers at Will
real flower arrangement toppers

2 Sweet Cake Boutique
cutting cake toppers

Stephanie Marie Roper Photography

Ampersand Studios 
They also show us ballers some love here, and here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Did we fall off the face of the streets?? On the contraire.


Better late than never, right? We have neglected to write a post recently but that sure doesn't mean we haven't been working hard on sweet sweet balls of cake for the people.

2013 was a great year filled with all sorts of events: weddings, baby showers, birthdays, get wells, congratulatory's, Im sorry's, I love you's, Inside jokery's....You get the picture. We were busy slanging balls for anything under the sun that deemed our little balls of cake the best accessory. We can dig it. We were very happy to provide quality cake balls to such rad customers, and we continue to do so in 2014. Lets have a look at some of our fun balls 
from the past year as we bid 2013 adios.........

Putt that on your green! Golf fanatic themed favors for a dudes birthday.
{Tags by Beleza Design, favors put together by Eye Candy Confections}

Wood-n't you want to try one of these? Aqua ombre themed wedding cake balls.

BrBa balls for our local fella, you may or may not of heard of him, Aaron Paul, (kind of a big deal). The ballers cooked up a special cake ball for his hit TV series on AMC, Breaking Bad VIP showing at the historic Egyptian Theater.
We made sure to come prepared and protected, if you will. All the proceeds went to support 
the local arts as Aaron is a huge supporter since he hails from the Boise, Idaho area where 
he attended Centennial High School.
Every ball has its very own special recipe. This one was no different....or was it? 
We are sure that Jesse Pinkman would of been overheard saying something to the 
effect of "Cake ballers, yeah, bitch!"

A table full of balls....classy balls....Tasty balls.....No, really!

Minnie Mouse themed cake balls are about the happiest looking balls on the planet.

Sandy beaches, sea shells and wedding engagements feel so right for this cake ball cake.

Breast be aware in October, but not just in October cause these are serious balls.

Leopard-y fancy cake ball cake in all chocolate for the super chocolate fan.

Fair? Who said we were anything but fair? Our Fair Food inspired cake ball sampler had 
Chocolate Dipped Banana, Root Beer Float, Caramel Apple and Cotton Candy 
to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths!