Monday, March 24, 2014

Calling all artists, designers and creators!

Exciting times are at hand with the cake ballers. We are looking for art. 
Thats right, art. Let us be more specific, shall we, ....shallen't we? Ok, yes, we will.

We are having one of our famous baller contests. oooohhhh! Gasp! Yep. Its true. What for you say? WE WANT YOU!!

To find the COOL-est, the RAD-est, the BAD-est and most certainly thee most BALLER design to be debuted on a line of baller swag. Thats right, we want YOU to help us out. Think you've got a little baller in ya? Think you you can channel that into a fantastic representation of the cake ballers? Ok, well get to that drawing board then. We will be taking submissions now through April 30st, 2014. 

We have a couple of of baller-quirements, because of course we need to uphold a certain style on the street. They are as follows and art must include:

Our name: the cake ballers
Our favorite accessory: Brass Knuckles

And a little added bonus for you, but no a required element to the contest....
We have also been know to say things like:
We ball cake.
Ball so hard.
Balls to the people.
Ball this.
Lets do a baller deal.

Of course with such a request for such a fine piece, we are willing to compensate you for your amazing artistic abilities with none other than, wait for it, our balls. Our balls of cake. You know them and love them as the cake baller cake balls. You love them because they are just the right amount of sweet, and oh so delicious bite of goodness. We are granting you with balls for a YEAR! Thats right. A years worth of cake baller cake balls. Holy mother of cake ball gods, this is exciting! Free balls. Everyone wants free balls!

So, tell your friends, your mammy, your pappy, your uncle and even your 2nd cousin twice removed in the great wilds of the Mississippi back woods. Artists are out there people, waiting, ready to create some art...and get their hands on free cake baller cake balls. Oh this is good. Real good.

Send your high resolution PDF file to,
 in the subject line. You will be notified if we select your submission.
Thank you and may the force of the baller be with you.

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