Monday, January 20, 2014

ballers dig weddings with balls...or cake ball cakes, whatever!

It is no secret that the cake ballers LOVE
 to play around with their balls of cake in many ways, from simple cake balls to cake pops to cake ball cakes.  It is a world full of balls for these ballers. We wouldn't have it any other way because if we did, life wouldn't be very baller. We have had the pleasure to work with some pretty rad brides to create a treat worthy of their special day. Holler at a few of these cake ball cakes from our past clients:

Pink, black and white cake ball cake topped with real roses and a cutting cake for a traditional feel.

We get to create with rad local professionals as well in the cake, floral, food, photography and wedding planning industries. 
This makes for one badass finished product all around. 
We are lucky ballers and are quite grateful!

Purple to cream ombre cake with a beautiful custom real floral arrangement topper from Flowers At Will in Boise.

 We get to collaborate with friends and family members of the bride and groom as well and it makes the cake ball cake even more special for them as it becomes a labor of love.

Cake ball cake in black, hot pink and white with two tiered topper cake made by grooms mom as a special gift to the lovely Mason couple.

Yellow, black and white cake ball cake with edible floral accents for a fun dessert only wedding reception.

If it is a piece of edible art you want, it will be a custom piece indeed. We take pride in our work from the first consult to last cake ball left on the table. We make it our business to listen to what makes your day special, what you picture, what you want the feel to be, how the cake ball flavors have a part in the day and why you want cake balls. It is a fun-and-unique-to-each-piece kind of sitch.

Grey and White with accents of Tiffany blue blinged out cake, top cutting cake for the traditional picture moment. Edible flowers and silver candies cascaded down the cake for a fancy fun style.

 Why cake ball cakes? Why not just have a regular cake like everyone else?....wait, did you just say "like everyone else?" Uh, no. the cake ballers are certainly not ones who go with the grain just like everyone else. Why? Because sometimes you just need to feel no limitations and roll with it, that's why! So, get a cake ball cake built to your liking and dare we say, 
have some balls. Bam.

Purple, black and white set of 3 cake ball cakes, 2 inverted for a little extra flare and fun.

Black and white. Simple. Cut that top and get to lovin it!

White, black and golden yellow, edible dried pineapple flowers for a cascade of flare, topped with a fondant covered rice crispy treat top for the bride and groom later, and instead of the typical "cutting the of the cake", this couple opted for a cocktail toast with the drink toppers.

 The question is: Do we have fun doing what we do? 
The answer would be YES. Yes we do. Ballers don't front the fun, we live the fun. Holler.

Golden balls. Sparkly balls. Get your fancy cake ball cake on.

White, soft pink, maroon and silver cake ball cake accented with paper flowers for a whimsical feel.

White and orange, swirl and soft, bride and groom atop to celebrate with the lovely sweet treats in this fun cake ball cake.

 Flavors, flavors, flavors. We customize those too.
 Man, talk about a dream come true! 
What is there that these ballers cannot do?

Yellow and black cake ball cake topped with cutting cake and decorated with flowers.
 So whatever the reason cake ball cakes seem like the rad for you and your special day, give us a holler and entrust the ballers to bring the noise and the sweet balls of cake to you. We are currently booking consults for the 2014 wedding season. Talk soon. Baller out.

We pay respects to our homies:

Flowers at Will
real flower arrangement toppers

2 Sweet Cake Boutique
cutting cake toppers

Stephanie Marie Roper Photography

Ampersand Studios 
They also show us ballers some love here, and here.

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