Monday, January 13, 2014

Did we fall off the face of the streets?? On the contraire.


Better late than never, right? We have neglected to write a post recently but that sure doesn't mean we haven't been working hard on sweet sweet balls of cake for the people.

2013 was a great year filled with all sorts of events: weddings, baby showers, birthdays, get wells, congratulatory's, Im sorry's, I love you's, Inside jokery's....You get the picture. We were busy slanging balls for anything under the sun that deemed our little balls of cake the best accessory. We can dig it. We were very happy to provide quality cake balls to such rad customers, and we continue to do so in 2014. Lets have a look at some of our fun balls 
from the past year as we bid 2013 adios.........

Putt that on your green! Golf fanatic themed favors for a dudes birthday.
{Tags by Beleza Design, favors put together by Eye Candy Confections}

Wood-n't you want to try one of these? Aqua ombre themed wedding cake balls.

BrBa balls for our local fella, you may or may not of heard of him, Aaron Paul, (kind of a big deal). The ballers cooked up a special cake ball for his hit TV series on AMC, Breaking Bad VIP showing at the historic Egyptian Theater.
We made sure to come prepared and protected, if you will. All the proceeds went to support 
the local arts as Aaron is a huge supporter since he hails from the Boise, Idaho area where 
he attended Centennial High School.
Every ball has its very own special recipe. This one was no different....or was it? 
We are sure that Jesse Pinkman would of been overheard saying something to the 
effect of "Cake ballers, yeah, bitch!"

A table full of balls....classy balls....Tasty balls.....No, really!

Minnie Mouse themed cake balls are about the happiest looking balls on the planet.

Sandy beaches, sea shells and wedding engagements feel so right for this cake ball cake.

Breast be aware in October, but not just in October cause these are serious balls.

Leopard-y fancy cake ball cake in all chocolate for the super chocolate fan.

Fair? Who said we were anything but fair? Our Fair Food inspired cake ball sampler had 
Chocolate Dipped Banana, Root Beer Float, Caramel Apple and Cotton Candy 
to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths!

When you need to feel the HAPPY, just have a cake ball! This cake was designed with a congratulatory vibe.

 Sparkle-y blue and silver balls for a baby shower.

L is for LOVE. We love making cake ball cakes for all sorts of events!

Thinking faces for the Kumon school......we thought long and hard and thought 
we really liked these little guys.
When you are a gamer, you need to have your energy up. Have a ball, then get back 
to the Borderlands and kick some tail!

So, there you have it. A few of our fun orders for the 2013 season. It is now time to roll and ball up more goodness for the new year. We look forward to all you peeps and your cake ball orders so until next time, keep it baller, cake baller!

Baller out.

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