Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Father's Day treats just got a whole lot ballsy-er. Literally.
If there's one thing we ballers know, it's that craft beer is where its at. 
Many people would agree, so we thought what better way than to
give the people what they REALLY want: beer.  
We ballers took it one step further and crafted our cake ball recipes WITH craft beer. 
In the preliminary stages of creating this Father's Day series, we had to: 

1. Drink beer
2. Decide on what beer we liked most
3. Show variety
4. Get swag, cause who doesn't love some swag-er

we have teamed up once again with Crooked Fence Brewery of Boise, ID
to combine our tasty products into something FABULOUS.
Along with a dozen Father's Day Assorted Beer balls, 
the pack includes a cake baller koozie and a Crooked Fence pint glass.
Take this screamin' deal home for a mere $20 bones.
"WOW" you say? 
Why thank you, we do what we can for our loving fans and 
newbies who've yet to taste in the goodness we call ballin'.


Dark Chocolate Espresso-Sins of our Father Porter

Classic White-Raspberry Blonde Ale 

Vanilla-Rusty Nail Pale Ale

Cayenne Chocolate-Devils Pick IPA

Supplies are limited so get them while the gettin' is good. 
Shoot us an email to:, we'll get you all set. 
The special recipient of this radness
will be sure to place you at the  TIP TOP of their favorites list and who doesn't love being on top...
Pop the top and get some balls!

the cake ballers are located 720 W Idaho St, Ste 40, Boise, ID 83702
Visit the cake ballers anytime online at

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