Thursday, May 3, 2012

Smother your mother... With Goodies and Fun!

Moms. We've all got one, know one, or even are one. You know how special moms are... they cook, clean, work, organize, schedule, create, dictate, mediate, and whether they feel like it or not, they do it all, without asking for a single thing in return. Well maybe ONE thing....

Here's the deal: Mom wants treats for Mother's Day. She does, trust us. She wants to indulge in some delicous gourmet (and local!) goodies and treats that she didn't have slave over an oven to make herself. And we'll have SO. MANY. yummy things for her to choose from or for you to choose from FOR her at our VERY special Mother's Day Event! cake ballers cake balls, Eye Candy Confections french macarons, devine cupcakes, hand dipped chocolate pretzels, and MORE! You can let her design her own box of treats, or grab something that we've already put together and mom-approved. (pssst this event is open to you non-Mother's Day folks too who are just looking for some good eats)

So here's the details you'll need to know to!:
When: Saturday May 12th from 10a-1p
Where: 720 W Idaho St. Ste. 40. We'll have signs outside!
This is going on during the Downtown Saturday Market, how fun is THAT!
Why: Because you love your mom and she deserves the best, and so do you. :)

...and if you REALLY REALLY want to impress her (my god, you must really be needing to kiss up, what did you DO?!) swing by our adorable photo booth hosted by two photography that will be AT THE EVENT! You know that nice picture mom is always trying to get you to take?! Now you can get it done! For free! Let a professional snap your pic in their adorable photo booth, take a serious one, take a silly one, it's your call! (Booth is also open to all you oh-so-cool Saturday Market-ers also that want to swing on by) Say CHEESE!

We hope to see everyone there for this fun and special event!
(P.S. To our own mothers - Thanks for all you do. We love you.)

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