Friday, February 24, 2012

Ballers, ballers, everywhere!!

We love what we do. Seriously. Like, SERIOUSLY. We get to play with cake, turn it into something fun and unique and special. We get to be a part of special occasions; weddings, birthdays, gender reveals, proposals, etc. Don't get us wrong, it's not ALL fun and cakes, we have rough days or orders where we want to scream, cry, pull our hair out, kick someone, and sometimes all of that at once. But those rare moments aside, it's a rad gig, and seeing smiles and happy tummies is the most rewarding part of all of this.

We want to take a moment to introduce you to some fellow ballers that we LOVE, adore, and admire. These fellow ballers know exactly the highs and lows we just mentioned, and just like us, they're in it with all of their hearts, and they are out there providing AMAZING cake balls with unbelievable creativity and deliciousness. Take a look:

Cake Ball Love: The Original San Diego Cake Ball and Cake Pop Company:

Cake Ball love is owned by Pam is located down in BEAUTIFUL San Diego, California. Oh, how we LOVE San Diego. A blog could strictly be written about that, but I'll spare you for now, back to Cake Ball Love. Her cake balls are stunning and she's always about trying new styles and techniques. She has some AMAZING flavors and uses the COOLEST ingredients. We're big fans, and you should be too, San Diegans. Here's more of her pics to swoon over:

We are also in love love LOVE with The Beehive Ball - Utah's Original Cake Ball Co.:

The Beehive Ball is owned by Kaitlyn and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her cake ball designs are elegant and fun at the same time, and she has some drooool-worthy flavors. Case in point: The Beehive Ball, a sweet honey cake mixed with a delicious honey buttercream frosting. Dipped in milk chocolate and finished with a drop of sweet honey. After you read that, you drooled a little, didn't you? I knew it. Check out Beehive Balls FABULOUS work:

And if you haven't done so already, don't forget to check out our RAD new website: We really love it and we hope you will too!

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