Friday, January 27, 2012

Your Valentine called... they want cake balls... BAD.

You smell that?? It's love! Love is in the air! And we at cakeballers LOVE love. We love it SO much we've created four different options for you to dote on your Valentine with. Each option includes a mix of our Death by Chocolate, Red Velvet, Classic White and Italian Cream, all prettied up in their best lovely love-love attire.

The Special Delivery Mailbox with 4 balls, Conversation Hearts, and an adorable mailbox tin ($10)

Bucket O'Balls in either 8 ball ($15) or 12 ball ($20)

 ... and as always, our 4 ball sampler ($6)

So many options! Choose the one that your Valentine will love best, shoot your order over to, and be prepared for a whole lotta lovin' from your special someone in return for your "sweet" gesture. Make a BIG impression with some little balls that they won't forget.


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