Monday, July 16, 2012

Summertime... and the livin's easy... EASY?!?!

So WOW! Where did summer come from?!?! One day we're enjoying spring air and tulips, then BAM! 106 degree days, popsicles, vacations, sunburns, boating trips, river trips, camping, flip flops... it came out of nowhere!! There's nothing else to do but fully embrace it. And MAN, have we been embracing it and staying busy, busy.

One little baller went to Hawaii:

... and the other little baller created ANOTHER little baller!:

... and we're SO excited!!

Alright, so looking forward to the rest of this crazy summer, here's what the ballers have coming down the turnpike for ya:

-Starting on Wednesday, June 18th, you can vote for the cake ballers for Best Local Dessert in the Boise Weekly's Best of Boise 2012, (don't worry, we'll post LOTS of links and instructions on how you can vote). Last year we came in second, but if we get 1st place this year, we'll be having Free Cake Ball Day! That's right, our win is YOUR win. So be sure to vote for your ballers!!

-We'll have a special Fair themed sampler coming out in August. And Oh. My. GOD. It's got some AMAZING flavors in it.

-Also in August is the cake ballers 2nd Anniversary!! We'll have a GREAT special going on so you can celebrate with us! And also another photo contest!!! We loved our last one SO much, and got such AMAZING pics back from our photog friends that we HAD to do it again, duh!!

-In September, we'll be participating in a VERY special "Food Truck" rally hosted by BUGS. We'll be using produce they grew to create unique cake balls. SO fun! More details coming soon!

-We're starting to put together our Holiday Party Packages and Corporate Gift Promotions. So for all of your early birds, and obsessive planners (like a certain baller we know), pencil this in and start thinking about how you can incorporate cake balls into your parties and client gifts this holiday season.

So keep enjoying your summer, get your tan on, your drink on, your beach on, because before you know it, we'll be bundling up by the fire again. Fire? Did someone say fire? That made my suburn hurt just typing it. ... Stay tuned, and if you need ANY cake balls AT ALL... you know where to find your ballers. We're yours. All yours.

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