Monday, May 9, 2011

Customize those balls!

Custom orders are rad. They give us a chance to get creative, they add a personal touch to your order, and are downright awesome. Our custom dozens range from $20-$25, and can be as simple as switching up some colors...
designing for your favorite sports team fanatic:

creating a company gift:

and for every reason in between:

We generally try to shy away from anything too "theme-y" and character-y, keeping the ball looking clean and cool and instead opting to do "implied" themes, keeping with the design, but at the same time, keeping that cake ball looking delectable and edible. Example: a recent super hero party order:

We often get asked to make character or animal themed balls, and yes, it would be SO much easier to make something rad out of fondant and just stick it on the ball. But who want's to do things the easy way? ;)  Instead, we'll design your order match your theme, color scheme, or event with our own spin, and you won't be disappointed. So the next time you want to give a unique gift, add a 'holy hell that is AWESOME' element to your next shindig, give us a shout. Or e-mail us at It's probably more effective than shouting.

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