Monday, May 16, 2011

Baller Headquarters... where the cool kids hang out.

Ballers need a ballin' place to call their headquarters, don't you think? (Was that a yes, we hear?) Well yes, we agree. So we packed up some of our stuff, called up some AWESOME headquarter-mates, and got us a RAD space in Downtown Boise. 720 W Idaho St. Suite 40 to be exact. (40?? Did someone say 40??) Hours are by appointment only. You need us? Let us know, and we'll be there.

We will now take some questions from our fans... You, yes you down in front...

Q: "Why are your hours SO crazy??"
A:  Well, so are we, so we're all gonna have to deal with it. :) Until things settle down, and until we get ourselves an office assistant, this is the way it's gotta be. We are still ALWAYS available for you via email at

Q: "So is this your store, did you FINALLY get a store??"
A:  This is not our storefront, no, BUT, you CAN place orders and pickup orders during open hours. And although not a storefront, our delicious cake balls have been known to make random appearances. ;)

Q: "Is this an office? What is this? What's going on? Where did my shoe go?"
A:  Ballers really hate the term "office", its slightly constricting, kind of stuffy, and mostly makes us feel anxious.  It's our headquarters. Wanna chat about an event? Come on in! Need to place an order? By all means! Wanna browse through our portfolio? Do it! Need to discuss designing an order for something special? Bring it! Wanna lounge on our insanely comfy sofa? Lounge away! Wanna stop in and buy us a drink? We WON'T say no! ... Sorry, we don't know where your shoe went.

Q:"Wait! I have an order pick up on Saturday, but your hours don't list you being open that day! Ahh!"
A: Don't cry, dry your eye. If we schedule a pick up with you outside of our "open" hours, we WILL be there for you, we promise. Not all of our pickups work within those hours, so we do schedule pickups outside of those days and times. We wouldn't make things hard on you, we love you.

Q: "Who are your ADORABLE headquarter-mates?"
A:  They, my friend, are the girls of Eye Candy Event Design. They are AMAZING. "like" them: ASAP. You won't regret it.

So that about covers BHQ. Stop in and say hi, us and our balls would LOVE to see you.


  1. Love that the cakeballers are downtown!

  2. Thanks Chris! So are we! We couldn't think of a better place to call home.


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