Monday, June 9, 2014

Beer cake balls? Psssst, fathers day is right around the corner....just saying

Calling all folks who love craft beer and cake balls! 

We have put the two together in the oven and BAM, we present to you the assorted Fathers Day Beer balls. Made with our local homies over at Crooked Fence Breweries craft brews. 

It just seems fitting that we make the manly balls in time for Fathers Day. With flavors like 

Potato Chip 

made with Pedal Powered Ale


made with Exiled Rye Stout

Salted Pretzel 

made with Rusty Nail Pale Ale

Candy bar

made with Sins of Our Father Imperial Stout

How could you get any manlier? Plus add the element of beer infusion, whoa. It is like Christmas in June. Yes please! You can pre-order your dozens now! Pickup is on:

Friday June 13th between 11-1pm at Baller headquarters located 720 W Idaho St, Set 40, Boise, ID 83702.

Please send your pre-orders to 
Limited to supplies on hand so get in now before 
they are all gone!

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